Standardized Test

Maya Angelou and 100 Children's Book Authors Ask Obama to Stop Overtesting Kids

Test-driven reform has been the hallmark of Obama’s education agenda.

Victory for Seattle Teachers' Testing Boycott: High School MAP Test Optional Next Year

The resistance in Seattle is but one pocket of the growing backlash against the misuse and overuse of standardized tests.

Over 100 Chicago Students Boycott Standardized Test to Protest School Closures

Chicago students join parents, lawmakers and educators around the country fed up with punitive testing regimes.

Mapping the Backlash Against High-Stakes Testing [Infographic]

Public school parents, educators and now even lawmakers around the country are fed up with standardized testing that can determine whether kids graduate, teachers lose their jobs, and schools remain open. Here’s a visual survey of major actions.

Teachers at Two Seattle High Schools Boycotting Standardized Test

They claim they can’t in good conscience subject students to the test again.