Stand Your Ground

Grace Miranda, a young Latinx, holds a sign that reads "Stand Your Ground equals Kill At Will" at a rally in the daytime with four other protestors behind her holding signs.

Florida Police Can Use Stand Your Ground Defense in Deadly Shootings, Court Rules

Critics say the decision will make it more difficult to hold law enforcement officers criminally responsible for on-duty killings.

Brown woman in maroon t-shirt holds white sign with red, black and blue text in front of Black and Brown people in front of blue sky with white clouds and green and brown palm trees

Florida Judge Strikes Down Updated 'Stand Your Ground' Law

Critics say the latest version of the law that helped exonerate George Zimmerman allows more people to claim self defense, even when they provoked the encounter.

Jordan Davis Should Have Turned 21 Today

Michael Dunn murdered the 17-year-old for daring to play his music loudly.

Theodore Wafer Apologizes, is Sentenced to 17-32 Years for Renisha McBride's Murder

‘From my fear, I caused the loss of a life that was too young to leave this world.’

Marissa Alexander's Retrial Postponed to December

A pending Florida law could determine Alexander’s future.

Florida Senate Committee Passes 'Warning Shot Bill' as Marissa Alexander Faces Triple Sentence

The controversial bill expands existing Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.

Jordan Davis Murder Trial Begins in Fla. Today

In a case reminiscent of Trayvon Martin’s, 17-year-old Davis was allegedly shot and killed in 2012 by a white man after an argument over loud music.

Yelp! Joins ALEC Amidst Ongoing Criticism

At least 50 corporations and nonprofits have severed ties with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), but Yelp! is just getting on board.

Marissa Alexander Gets a New Trial

An appeals judge orders a new trial because of flawed jury instructions.

Dream Defenders Leave Capitol, Heading for Governor's Home

The Dream Defenders are now taking their struggle from the capitol building to their communities.

The Dream Defenders Introduce 'Trayvon's Law'; Talib Kweli Weighs In

Youth leaders want state to reform Stand Your Ground and School-to-Prison Pipeline issues.

Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida -- And Every Other Stand Your Ground State

The legendary singer is taking a stand.

George Zimmerman Skips 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing

Now the stage is almost set for him to be tried for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Homicides Increase After States Adopt 'Stand Your Ground' Laws, Study Finds

The study by Texas A&M economist Mark Hoekstra also also found the laws have “zero deterrence” effect.

Mark Your Calendars: Trial Date Set for George Zimmerman

The journey to bring Zimmerman to justice has been a long one.

MillerCoors, HP, and Best Buy Leave ALEC

The companies join the roughly 20 companies that have already parted ways with ALEC since ColorOfChange members began demanding an end to corporate-sponsored voter suppression.

Trayvon Martin's Dad has a Moving Message for Father's Day

This Father’s Day, join Trayvon Martin’s father, Tracy Martin, and add your name to this national petition demanding that all “Stand Your Ground” laws be repealed.

Johnson & Johnson Becomes 19th Company to Withdraw Support From ALEC

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson announced Tuesday that it would no longer fund the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Why Didn't Florida's Stand-Your-Ground Ethics Apply to Marissa Alexander? [Reader Forum]

Readers discuss the race politics of Alexander’s 20-year sentence for firing a warning shot at her abusive ex-husband.