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Mandela, the Unapologetic Radical

The world’s powerful now mourn an icon, but still avoid facing his politics.

Mandela, in His Own Words

“The struggle is my life.”

The Radioactive Racism Behind Nuclear Energy

At every point in the nuclear production chain, the industry has sloughed a disproportionate share of the risk on marginalized communities.

Remembrance: Soweto Massacre and Bloody Sunday

This week brings somber remembrances of two acts of massive brutality that occurred about a generation ago on opposite ends of the hemisphere. Both incidents exposed the shame of racial or ethnic strife under colonization, both galvanized radical social movements that later rose to overturn the establishment, and both demonstrated lessons about the power of mass protest, as well as the power of the media to frame and expose injustice to observers around the world.

FIFA's World Cup Having a Ball With Child Labor

South Africa is the center of world this week, kicking off the

first-ever World Cup Games on the African continent. But as the cameras

pan across green fields and lavish festivities, labor activists are

keeping their eye on the ball.

According to a report on soccer ball manufacturing from the

International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF), more than a decade since the