Killer Mike Claps Back at Ta-Nehisi Coates Over Bernie Sanders Criticism

The rapper and activist tweeted reactions to Coates’ piece in The Atlantic, which criticized Sanders’ position on reparations. 

Poll: Most White Americans View Confederate Flag as a Symbol of Southern Pride, Not Racism

New CNN poll finds that while blacks overwhelming view the Confederate battle flag as racist, more than half of all whites think it’s just a symbol of Southern pride.

Half of the Recent Southern Black Church Fires Are Being Investigated as Arson

Last week’s run of six black church fires across five Southern states is a grim echo in wake of the Charleston massacre. 

'We Are the South' Rises with LGBTQ Racial Justice Activists

Meet LGBTQ racial justice activists in the South.

This is How the South Organizes [Photos]

An estimated 200 low-wage workers from different industries met in eastern North Carolina to share workplace struggles and get organized at a conference they called Solidarity City

Forget Going Global: Fast Food Workers Are Protesting in the Deep South

Workers in small town Ala. want a living wage, too

Major Investigation Looks at Nation's Re-Segregating Schools

Almost everywhere in the country, the gains of integration have been eroded.

Common Performs for Black Workers in the South

Friday’s concert also features veteran activist Danny Glover

Can Big Labor Organize the South?

Not without majorly including black workers, immigrants and women of color.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Wins Landslide Re-Election

The country’s first Indian American governor wins his re-election bid in Louisiana. Some say the White House is the next stop.

Black America Is Moving South--and to the 'Burbs. What's It Mean?

The 2010 Census revealed a decade of southern and suburban migration inside the black community. There are many reasons for the shift. But whatever the cause, it’s time we understand–and deal with–the consequences.

Southern College Boots Latino Artist's Confederate Flag Remix

Stanley Bermudez just can’t please those southern apologists.