Purple album cover with multicolored text; album cover with black-and-white hologram of multiple people surrounded by brown image of pearls with white text

Prince Estate Inks Deal to Distribute 35 Classic Albums

A new deal will allow fans to reconnect with nearly three dozen albums from Prince’s catalog. 

Here's a New 'Miles Ahead' Clip to Finish Off Your Afternoon

Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis biopic opens in theaters on April 1.  

Sony Pictures Thinks Miles Davis Biopic Is About an 'Iconic Singer'

The Don Cheadle-helmed biopic was picked up by Sony Pictures Classic, which labeled the trailblazing trumpeter, songwriter and genre-bender as an “iconic singer.” 

'Think Like a Man' Defies Studio Skeptics, But It's a Bittersweet Celebration

People of color and actors of color win because they’re represented in Hollywood, but the real winner with “Think Like a Man” is Sony.