Sonia Sotomayor

A hand holds a red and white sign that reads, "Dissent is patriotic." The Supreme Court is in the background.

Supreme Court Says Officer Was Justified in Excessive Force Case

Justice Sotomayor, in her dissenting opinion: “It tells officers that they can shoot first and think later, and it tells the public that palpably unreason­ able conduct will go unpunished.”

Justice Sonia Sotomayor in Black robes, black background

Justice Sonia Sotomayor Evokes Baldwin, Coates in Blistering Dissent on Illegal Stops

“We must not pretend that the countless people who are routinely targeted by police are ‘isolated.’ They are the canaries in the coal mine whose deaths, civil and literal, warn us that no one can breathe in this atmosphere.”

Justice Sotomayor Says SCOTUS is on Wrong Side of Fight Against Police Violence

SCOTUS Justice Sonia Sotomayor: “By sanctioning a ‘shoot first, think later’ approach to policing, the Court renders the protections of the Fourth Amendment hollow.”

VIDEO: Justice Sonia Sotomayor Attends Unveiling of Her TATS CRU Mural

The Supreme Court Justice came back to the Bronx for the unveiling of a mural by famed graffiti artists TATS CRU that features her. 

Justice Sotomayor's Beautiful Schuette Dissent: 'Race Matters'

As if you didn’t already have enough reason to love this wise Latina.

We've Got A Hugger: Sonia Sotomayor

Sotomayor is hugging a lot of kids on her book tour.

Sotomayor and Thomas Benefited from Affirmative Action, But Split Starkly on Issue

He resents affirmative action. She embraces affirmative action.

Justice Sotomayor to Become First Latina to Administer Oath of Office

Another first for Latinos at the inauguration.