Killer Mike Claps Back at Ta-Nehisi Coates Over Bernie Sanders Criticism

The rapper and activist tweeted reactions to Coates’ piece in The Atlantic, which criticized Sanders’ position on reparations. 

WATCH: Two New Trailers From WGN's Slavery Epic 'Underground'

The John Legend-produced series—which stars Aldis Hodge and Jurnee Smollett-Bell as escaped slaves—premieres March 9. 

Delaware Wants to Apologize for Slavery

The governor announced a state resolution that will apologize for slavery and its modern-day reverberations.

#TBT: Today Marks 153 Years Since The Gettysburg Address

President Abraham Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg reaffirmed a commitment to the equality of all mankind. 

Georgetown University Renames Buildings That Commemorate Slave Dealers

Mulledy Hall and McSherry Hall were named after past Georgetown University presidents who sold slaves to pay off the school’s debt.

Children’s Book Depicts Smiling Slaves, Stirs Controversy

Critics say the book lacks context and makes slavery look like fun.

Jamaica Renews Calls for Reparations from United Kingdom

Jamaican officials are renewing calls for reparations from the United Kingdom to coincide with British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to the former British colony. 

Indie Slavery Epic 'The North Star' Picked Up By RLJ Entertainment

The independent film about runaway slaves going up to Pennsylvania was picked up by RLJ Entertainment for distribution. 

Part 5—Race Trips: Confederate Lies and Apple Pie

In Part 5 of this Colorlines series, journalists Brian and Erin Hollaway Palmer, an interracial couple, continue their trip through the Deep South where they’re confronting sugar-coated Confederate history, the stories of their ancestors, and the profound weirdness of a polite society plagued by racism. 

Plantation Tour Guide: “You Won’t Believe the Questions I Got About Slavery.”

A plantation tour guide realized that the slavery apologists who took her tour were seeking to absolve themselves for past crimes and current bias.

PBS' ‘Finding Your Roots’ Suspended Due to Ben Affleck Slave-Master Drama

The geneology show’s production has been halted after leaked Sony e-mails revealed that producers complied with Ben Affleck’s request to hide his slave-owning relative. 

Shoppers Can 'Get the Slave Look' With '12 Years a Slave' Mannequin

Um, what?

Where Slavery Still Exists

An around-the-world look.

Many Elite U.S. Colleges Have Deep Roots in Slavery

Craig S. Wilder’s new book ‘Ebony & Ivy’ looks closely at the connections between the Atlantic slave trade and universities including Harvard, Brown, and Yale.