SNL's Leslie Jones Tries, and Fails, to Defend Her Slave Rape Joke

It just wasn’t funny.

This Scholar Created a Brilliant Interactive Map of Slave Rebellions

Dr. Vincent Brown, a professor of African and African-American History at Harvard, has made study of the transatlantic slave trade accessible in a new way.

'12 Years a Slave' In Cinematic Context

For a society still struggling some 150 years from Emancipation to negotiate a working discourse on slavery and race, ‘12 Years a Slave’ is a visual moment that forces a reexamination of our national past perhaps like no other major film in recent memory.

Movie-Goers Find Violence in '12 Years a Slave' Too Intense, Walk Out

For fans in Toronto, where the film is screening at the city’s annual film festival, the violence was too much to take.

Ask a Slave: An (Actually Funny!) Web Series

Take notes, Russell Simmons.

10 Things You Should Know About Slavery and Won't Learn at 'Django'

Slavery as revenge fantasy is a far cry from the ugly truth: Slavery as the economic engine that created the inequitable world in which we still live.

Hollywood's Slavery Films Tell Us More About the Present Than the Past

“Django Unchained” and “Lincoln” share a long history of Hollywood epics that feed our modern myths and expectations back to us, rather than genuinely explore our history.

What Would Michele Bachmann Think of Your Family? [Reader Forum]

The GOP is pedaling away from a racially toxic family values pledge. Will this be the end of social conservative racebaiting (for this week)? Readers chime in.

Daughter of Slaves Not Recognized as World's Oldest Woman

Rebecca Lanier is 119 years old but, like most black Americans of her time, was never issued a birth certificate.

Mapping America's Brutal Past, and Humanity's Capacity for Revolt

An 1860 census of the American South reveals much more than the region’s demography.

Ground Zero's Slave Graves

The bones of some 20,000 African slaves are buried 25 feet below Lower Manhattan.

Henry Louis Gates' Dangerously Wrong Slave History

The celebrity academic’s New York Times editorial is not only a disservice to history, it comes at exactly the wrong time in our discourse on race.