Man Who Vandalized Sikh Place of Worship Ordered to Serve Members

Buena Park Gurdwara Singh Sabha: “We [are] deeply invested in educating him and the surrounding community. This, we firmly believe, is the key to combating hate in America.”

Sikh-American Military Officer Secures Right to Wear Turban and Beard

Captain Simratpal Singh is reportedly the first Sikh to successfully gain religious accommodation from the U.S. Army while on full-time active duty.

Sikh-American Soldiers Sue DOD for Religious Freedom

It’s the second Sikh-backed lawsuit against the military this year.

New Author Deepa Iyer Talks Post-9/11 Backlash and How ISIS' Paris Attack Will Impact Brown Folks Here

In her first book, civil rights activist and attorney Deepa Iyer chronicles the experiences of U.S. Arabs, Muslims, Sikhs and South Asians after 9/11 and weighs in on how the ISIS massacre in Paris will reverberate in this country.

FBI Responds to Colorlines Twitterchat

Colorlines held a Twitterchat last week about the FBI’s new policy of tracking hate crimes against Arab-Americans, Hindus and Sikhs. Here’s a Storify plus some answers from the FBI.

Watch Captain Sikh America in 'Red, White and Beard'

In this 11-minute short film viewers get a longer look at at Singh’s work.

Sikh Cartoonist Stars in Facebook Video, Racists Go Wild

The man known to many as Captain Sikh America is caught in the middle of a hate storm.

Report: South Asian Americans Still Under Attack 13 Years After 9/11

But there’s hope.

NYC Sikh Man Called 'Terrorist,' Run Over by Truck

Sandeep Singh remains hospitalized

Oak Creek, Two Years After the Sikh Mass Murder

The community is still rebuilding after the massacre

Complaint: Boomers! Parks Discriminate Against Muslims and Sikhs

The company won’t allow Muslims and Sikhs with head coverings to ride certain rides, but refuses to make accommodations, civil rights groups allege.

Captain Sikh America Responds to Joe Budden's 'Terrorist' Pic

The rapper has since apologized.

Attack Against Sikh Professor Sparks Community Dialogue

Students and community members joined at the site where Dr. Prabhjot Singh was brutally attacked last week in a potential hate crime.

Judge Threatens Sikh Man With Jail For Not Removing 'That Rag' Off His Head

Mississippi officers and a judge harassed and humiliated Jagjeet Singh over and over again after pulling him over for a flat tire.

Sikh Professor Attacked in Potential Hate Crime

Dr. Prabhjot Singh heard the words ‘Osama’ and ‘terrorist’ shortly before being attacked by a group of young men on Saturday night.

One Day in the Life of Sikh Captain America

Vishavjit Singh wanted to challenge the way that New Yorkers thought about superheroes. And for one day, he did.

12 Years Later: A Post-9/11 Timeline

South Asian communities remember how profoundly the country has changed.

Wisconsin Sikhs Commemorate First Anniversary of Oak Creek Shooting

Hundreds of supporters came together today to remember the victims of last year’s mass shooting at a Sikh temple.

Sikh Woman Teaches Reddit Users a Life Lesson in Tolerance

A college student who posted a mean spirited photo he shot of a fellow student to the online community site just got a life lesson in tolerance he’ll never forget.

What Does the Sikh Temple Tragedy Tell Us About White Men's 'Deep Crisis'? [Reader Forum]

In the wake of this tragedy, can we have a real conversation about what’s happening with our white men? Readers discuss.