Shirley Sherrod

White House Emails Detail Its Role in Pushing Out Shirley Sherrod

Speaking of Andrew Breitbart smearing important black people, Associated Press reports today on 2,000 pages of Obama administration emails over the Shirley Sherrod debacle. According to AP, the emails show the White House engaged significantly with Agriculture Department officials’ discussion over whether and how to push Sherrod out.

Shirley Sherrod: Moving Past Colorblind, Toward the End of Racism

Having battled racism all my life, I have to wonder how this wonderful nation can overcome its obsession with skin color.

Shirley Sherrod Finally Sues Andrew Breitbart Over Shady Video

Meanwhile, he attacks the former Agriculture Department employee for what he calls a “reparations” pay out.

Sherrod to Vilsack: Take This Job and Shelve It

Says she needs time to recover, but may work with the administration in the future.

Sherrod Shakes Her Fist at Breitbart--and Hugs the NAACP

She calls Brietbart “some Tea Party agitator,” but says let’s put the NAACP’s flub “behind us.”

White Conservatives Own the "Race Conversation" (Now With Stats!)

Meanwhile, we’re ignoring what really matters.

Sherrod Plans to Sue Breitbart

She tells NABJ that she’s ready for a fight.

Why the "Conversation on Race" is Just Babble

Two essays well worth reading.

Study: Beer Summit Drowned Jobs and Healthcare in Race News

Or, how we end up talking about Shirley Sherrod instead of double-digit black unemployment.

How Breitbart Won -- and Why We Must Rethink "Racism"

The lesson of Shirley Sherrod is we must stop talking about racism as a personality problem.

Preach On It, Rachel Maddow

Her must-watch riff on how Fox creates race-fright media moments.

Obama: Sherrod Debacle is Media's Fault, Not Mine

Never mind the fact that it was his administration, not the media who fired her.

Shirley Sherrod Offers to School Obama on Race

Sherrod has plenty to say about the administration’s real race challenges.

Three Stories We Could Obsess Over Instead of Shirley Sherrod's Ordeal

Since everybody wants to talk about racism, here are a few ideas.