Shelby v. Holder

Trial Begins for North Carolina's Allegedly Discriminatory Voter ID Law

The plaintiffs argue that it was intentionally created to cheat people of color out of their right to vote.

Federal Appeals Court Weakens Texas' Discriminatory Voter ID Law

Court says the law discriminates against people of color and the poor but stops short of saying the state did it on purpose.

Supreme Court Guts Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court says this is the end of Section Five of the Voting Rights Act. Now what?

At 'Shelby v. Holder' Hearing, Debate Over Southern Racism and Congressional Power

Yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing about Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act revealed a lot about how some of us deal with race in America. Here, five major takeaways straight from the courthouse.

North Carolina: A Case for the Voting Rights Act's Modern Relevance

As the Supreme Court weighs whether the feds should maintain oversight in Southern election law, North Carolina proves why the answer is obviously yes.

What Is Alabama's Problem With the Voting Rights Act?

The Supreme Court will hear arguments this week in a case that could deeply gut the historic law. To understand where this is going, it’s crucial to know how we got here.

From Selma to the Roberts Court: Reflections on Voting Rights History

Diane Nash, Dorie Ladner and others who led and joined the March 1965 demonstrations that created the Voting Rights Act speak with Colorlines about their work then–and now.