sexual abuse

Too $hort Calls XXL Video Debacle a Blessing in Disguise

Bad publicity, an enlightening conversation with activist dream hampton and “karma” produce an a-ha! moment for the rapper who instructed middle school boys to “turn out” their female classmates.

5 Things Too $hort & Hip-Hop Media Can Learn About Sexual Violence

Ways to regroup and do better after the debacle of Too $hort’s violent, rape-celebrating video.

CNN's Don Lemon Talks Sex Abuse, Calls Penn State Case 'Rape'

CNN’s Don Lemon says let’s just call what Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky did for what it is: rape.

What You Need to Know About Childhood Sexual Abuse

It’s one of those unspeakable crimes, until a high-profile case like the one at Penn State makes it inescapable. Here, some basic-but-vital facts about its victims and impact.

Former Marine Evelyn Thomas on the Fight to End Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Thomas was among a disproportionate number of black women who were kicked out of the military for being lesbian or bisexual. But she joined the fight that, last week, finally put an end to the practice.

Eddie Long Scandal Forces Taboos to Surface in Black Church

More charges come, CNN’s Don Lemon reveals his own history with sexual abuse, and Long vows to fight.

ACLU Confronts Denver Prison's Abusive Strip Searches

Allegations of abusive strip searches at a prison reflect the perverse power imbalance inherent in the system.