sex abuse

'What We See--Is That Oakland Is Beautiful'

Young women in Oakland and Chicago speak for themselves through art. As they do, they challenge the sexual abuse and violence that too often surrounds their lives.

How Can We Help Kids Define What Is and Isn't Healthy Sexuality?

In an age of free porn, rape-promoting video games and stupid advice videos from grown men, childhood sexual exploration is trickier than ever. There are no easy answers. Herewith, a few starting points.

Tyler Perry Writes Open Letter to Victim in Penn State Sex Abuse Case

Hollywood’s most financially successful director and producer, himself a sexual abuse survivor, offers words of encouragement to one of Jerry Sandusky’s accusers.

Penn State Student: 'We Must Hold Our Leaders Accountable' [VIDEO]

One courageous student spoke up with a sobering truth this week as Penn State rioted amid a sex abuse scandal that’s brought down college football’s most celebrated coach.