September 11

Man wearing black skullcap with American flag on it prays with his eyes closed

READ: Suman Raghunathan on 9/11, Racism and 'Toxic Patriotism'

From the executive director of South Asian Americans Leading Together: “This September 11, I will remember that this is the true patriotism—working with our communities to protect each other, and in doing so, to form a more perfect union.”

NY Renames Street for Muslim EMT and Cadet who Died on 9/11

Salman Hamdani Way is in Bayside, Queens.

12 Years Later: A Post-9/11 Timeline

South Asian communities remember how profoundly the country has changed.

Black Female NY Firefighter On How To Remember 9/11's First Responders has a candid interview with a New York City firefighter who saved many lives on 9/11.

A Letter to My Son on Coping With Mass Violence

As you grow older, you’ll have many opportunities to make positive change. What values will you put into practice? Answering this question may be the best way to honor those whose lives were so tragically cut short.

Obama's Unprecedented Use of State Secrets to Defend Religious Profiling

President Obama vowed as a candidate to end George W. Bush’s use of the state secrets privilege to get lawsuits thrown out of court. Instead, the administration is wielding it in previously unused ways to defend widespread profiling of Muslim Americans.

A Family Affair: Who's Left Behind After the FBI's Fake Terror Stings

The FBI is paying thousands of untrained informants to spy on law-abiding Muslim Americans. The program has justified itself with a series of prosecutions that are as questionable as they are high-profile. Here are the families who were left behind.

The 9/11 Story I Choose to Tell: We All Belong to Each Other

I can’t call myself a person who values inclusion and compassion and then pick and choose those whom I accept. I can disagree, but I can’t disown. Not if I want to help build a nation that constructs rather than destroys, that frees rather than enslaves.

9/11 Hate Victim's Name to Stay on Arizona Memorial

Gov. Brewer vetoed a bill that would have removed hate crime victim Balbir Singh Sodhi’s name from a 9/11 memorial.

Arab Waiter Sues Hotel For Forcing Name Change After 9/11

Mohamed Kotbi says that he was required to wear a name tag that read “John” after the attacks.

Video of Obama's Remarks on Muslim Americans

Obama: “We don’t differentiate between them and us; it’s just us.”

American Muslims Speak Out: 9/11 Happened to Us All

PSA’s put a new face on the Park51 debate and 9/11.

Obama on Muslim Americans--Not Us Against Them, "It's Just Us"

The president wound up his press conference with a clear, strong statement defending Muslim Americans against weeks of attacks.

This 9/11, Let's All Take Responsibility for Ending a Summer of Hate

A few loud voices are spewing hate, but unless the rest of us stand up and counter it they will set the tone for us all.