Sentencing Reform

Long-stalled Prison Bill Could Merge with Sentencing Reform Measures

Stalled Prison Bill Gets New Life With Sentencing Reform Measures

The compromise measure has the backing of key Senate Republicans and could include provisions that reduce mandatory minimums and slash crack and cocaine sentencing disparities.


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Senate Committee Debates Bill That Would Reform Sentencing Guidelines

Attorney General Jeff Sessions attempted to dissuade the committee from advancing the bill, which was first introduced in October 2017.

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Amid Player Protests, NFL Agrees to Back Criminal Justice Reform

The National Football League agrees to endorse sentencing reform, but the owners are also mulling a rule that would mandate that players stand for the national anthem.

SCOTUS Could Shorten Sentences for Juveniles in Prison for Life

The Supreme Court could retroactively reduce the sentences of juveniles who are serving life with no possibility of parole.

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Mass Incarceration?

California voters may lead the way on Nov 4.

Correctional Officers Don't Like Mandatory Minimums, Either

There’s a growing–and surprising–call to reform mandatory sentencing minimums.