A Black woman with a short afro and a gray sweatshirt poses for the camera.

Break Time! The 2017 Edition

We will be delivering some year-end goodness, but taking a break from the relentless daily grind.

A Black person caresses their bare shoulder.

PHOTO ESSAY: The Artist's Way to Self Care

In her photo and interview series “Chrysalis,” Nigerian-American photographer Biance M.S. Alebiosu explores how Black artists practice self-care. 

A seated Audre Lorde beams while wearing a black hat and a multicolored patchwork jacket

Break Time!

The Colorlines team has some year-end goodness on deck, but we’re taking some time off from the daily grind. 

Healers of Color on Why Self-Care is Not Self-Indulgence

Self-care experts from a variety of practices and faiths explain how to put Audre Lorde’s self-care theory into practice.

Black-and-white "Black Lives Matter" sign held by four people, with Philadelphia City Hall in the background

Philly Doc Lists Therapists Who Offer Discounted 'Healing for Activists'

Dr. Damon Constantinides: “We want to encourage people to choose a therapist that feels safe for them.”

Jamila Woods in water with blue and pink clothing, orange-hued background

Take Care of Yourself: Stream Jamila Woods' 'Heavn' in Its Entirety

The singer, poet and youth educator just dropped her debut album.

A Black woman with a short afro and a gray sweatshirt poses for the camera.

4 Self-Care Resources for Days When the World is Terrible

It seems like the bad news just keeps coming. Here are some self-care resources to keep you going when the trauma won’t stop.

Crowdfunding Campaign Asks White People to Pay for Therapy to Combat Impact of Racism

The campaign cites research that shows the impact racism has on the health of people of color.