Secure Communities

White House: We Will Halt Some Deportations

The administration finally gets its policies closer in line with its rhetoric on deportation.

Advocates Furious at White House Over Deportation Program

Hundreds take to the streets in protest of the administration’s signature deportation program.

DHS Tells States: We Don't Need Your Approval for Secure Communities

They’ll just go on deporting record numbers of people.

ICE Vows More 'Discretion' in Deportations. Don't Hold Your Breath

ICE staff have long held broad discretion in immigration cases, yet they have regularly failed to use it, instead ramming through a record number of deportations under Obama.

New York Suspends Participation in Embattled Secure Communities

The move comes after months of pressure from advocates to get the governor to terminate the program.

Secure Communities 101: Here's What You Need to Know

Wonder what this deportation program is that’s taken off across the country? We’ve got you covered.

Illinois, Defying DHS, Demands to Be Let out of Secure Communities

This fight’s heating up quickly.

Napolitano Calls DHS's Secure Communities Deceit a 'Misunderstanding'

While state legislatures that have gotten the most attention for passing laws that mimic Arizona’s SB 1070, the federal government is leading a massive deportation mission of its own.

California Lawmakers Push Back Against Secure Communities

Rep. Zoe Lofgren and Assemblyman Tom Ammiano have serious questions about the program’s merits.

Obama, in Re-election Mode, Promises Immigration Reform Again

But is this enough to outweigh the administration’s love affair with deportation?

Providence Says No to Secure Communities

It’s the latest chapter in Rhode Island’s ongoing controversy around immigration.

Secure Communities and ICE's Counting Problems

The federal agency’s reporting problems offer scary consequences for immigrants.

Hostile State Battles Now Define Immigration Debate

Never mind Capitol Hill. The future of immigration in America may well be decided at the state and local level.

Court Tells ICE to Stop "Dragging Its Feet" on Document Release

Advocates await clarity on whether a controversial deportation program was crafted as mandatory or voluntary for localities.

Arlington Officials End Fight Over Federal Deportation Program

Meanwhile, federal officials continue to send mixed signals.

ICE Forces Counties to Join Controversial Deportation Program

While the government forges ahead, activists are back at the drawing board.

Obama: I Won't Make Immigration Fixes Without Congress

The president could act, but he won’t, he tells Telemundo.

50,000 Deported From County Jails, And Counting

A new federal program expedites the process even for traffic violations.