secure communities

Los Angeles to Decide Fate of 287(g) Today

The county Board of Supervisors will vote.

Connecticut Limits Cooperation With Secure Communities

Connecticut’s legislature unanimously agreed to limit the state’s compliance with the federal Secure Communities deportation program.

LA Sheriff's Letter to Miramonte Parents: ''We Will Not Ask About Your Immigration Status'

Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca on Friday mailed a letter to an estimated 1,400 parents of students at Miramonte Elementary telling them “not to worry about immigration status” if they had any information on the sexual abuse scandal that has plagued the school.

Fear of Deportation Kept L.A. School's Parents From Reporting Sex Abuse

As the Miramonte Elementary School sex scandal grows, new reports claim that some parents didn’t report their children’s abuse because of their legal status.

ICE Creates Public Advocate Position to Serve 'Those in Immigration Proceedings'

Advocates say ICE would do better to halt programs like Secure Communities than patch things up with these sorts of minor reforms.

California Assemblyman Introducing Bill to Counter Federal Secure Communities Program

Legislation would counter Secure Communities program by limiting local law enforcement’s role in holding people for immigration authorities.

Ten Undocumented Youth Arrested in San Bernardino for Civil Disobedience at DHS Office

On Tuesday ten undocumented immigrant youth were arrested in San Bernardino, Calif. after practicing non-violent civil disobedience by holding multiple “sit-ins”

in front of the Department of Homeland Security building in town.

Justice Dept. Finally Cuffs Sheriff Joe, But Not the Policy That Made Him

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has cried uncle, sort of, in his standoff with DOJ over racial profiling and other abuses. But what about the Homeland Security program that enabled his behavior in the first place?

Department of Homeland Security and ICE End Sheriff Arpaio's 287(g) Contract

Sheriff Joe Arpaio will no longer have the ability to hold undocumented detainees after they’ve served their time for their initial arrest.

Report: Half of Nation's Undocumented Adults Have Kids

And the federal government’s deportation program is ripping families apart.

Occupy Oakland's Pancho Stierle Released Pending Deportation Hearing

Meanwhile, he’s criticized the city for closing schools and spending millions to fight Occupy protesters.

Peaceful Occupy Oakland Protester Faces Deportation

Francisco “Pancho” Ramos Stierle was arrested on Monday while meditating outside of Oakland’s City Hall.

Gov. Deval Patrick Is Latest to Buck Obama Deportation Program

The state-level backlash builds as governors try to opt out of the administration’s controversial Secure Communities initiative.

San Francisco Narrows Policy on Reporting Immigrant Youth to ICE

But the county remains a statewide and national leader on funneling undocumented young people into the deportation pipeline.

What the President Left Out of His Immigration Reform Speech

He made the economic argument, and rightly called Republicans out. But he mentioned neither the power he’s abdicating nor the racial anxieties that define the fight.

Dear Eva Longoria, Obama Is Lying to You About His Immigration Policy

The president has far more power than he is willing to claim.

New State Officials Come Out Swinging on Immigration Policy

Felipe Matos is just one activist dealing with the immigration debate’s shift toward states.

Immigration Officials Still Can't Make Up Their Minds

Officials keep telling different sides of the same story.

Advocates Push for Clarity on Federal Deportation Law

Can counties opt out of Secure Communities or not? Next week, they’ll know.

Can Counties Choose Their Own Immigration Policies?

When it comes to detention, the answer may be no.