Secure Communities

Goodbye, Secure Communities. Hello, Priority Enforcement Program

S-Comm has long been blasted as reaching too far. Will PEP-Comm be better?

O.C. Sheriff's Department Admits to Violating TRUST Act

Will Samuel Sixtos-Gomez be deported for driving without a license?

LA County Sheriff Helps Deport Record Numbers of Immigrants

Despite earlier claims, Sheriff Lee Baca is turning people convicted of trivial offenses over to immigration authorities at record numbers.

How One Immigrant Community Secured Itself

New Orleans is the first jurisdiction in the South to opt out of Secure Communities, a federal program that critics say tears immigrant communities apart.

Los Angeles Sheriff Will No Longer Turn Over Low-Level Offenders to Immigration

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said Wednesday he will no longer honor federal requests to hold some undocumented immigrants.

Calif. Gov Protects Some Immigrant Families, Leaves Others Out in the Cold

The bills, inspired in part by’s Shattered Families investigation, take steps to stop U.S. citizen children from getting stuck in foster care if their parents are detained and deported.

Report: Deportation Program Costs L.A. County More Than $26 Million

LA County is spending $26 million a year to hold undocumented immigrants under the Secure Communities program.

U.S. Citizen Wrongly Imprisoned Due to Secure Communuties Sues FBI and DHS

The lawsuit is the first litigation challenging Secure Communities.

Feds Reveal Their Janus Face on Arizona's Racial Profiling

Despite the Obama administration’s protest of Monday’s Supreme Court ruling, federal immigration officials are poised to continue detaining people rounded up through the state’s “show me your papers” law.

'TRUST Act' Legislation to Reform 'Secure Communities' Advances in California Senate

On Tuesday, by a vote of 5 to 2, the California State Senate’s Public Safety Committee approved the new version of AB 1081, also known as the TRUST Act.

California Lawmakers Propose Changes to Deportation Program

California lawmakers will decide Tuesday whether to set strict limits on how local law enforcement agencies participate in a controversial federal immigration program, Secure Communities.

DC Defies Federal Orders to Implement Deportation Program

The Council members city community trust as one of the reasons for defying the federal orders to implement Secure Communities.

NY and MA Forced to Join Secure Communities Despite Opposition

Despite opposition from the governors of New York and Massachusetts, federal immigration authorities are moving forward to implement Secure Communities in both states.

ICE Announces Minor Deportation Policy Shift for Secure Communities

Those with an otherwise clean criminal record who are arrested for minor traffic violations won’t be flagged for deportation unless they’re convicted first, ICE announced.

UCLA DREAMers Walk Out on Napolitano [Video]

UCLA students protest Janet Napolitano.

Local Fight Against Deportation Pipeline Moves From Money to Rights

The Obama administration is willing to pay big money to make sure the politically symbolic Cook County doesn’t ditch its marquee immigration enforcement program. Key lessons? Fighting unjust policy with a fiscal argument has its limitations.

Baltimore Mayor Prevents Police From Asking About Immigration Status

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has signed executive order prohibiting police officers from asking people they come in contact with about their immigration status.

Counties Defy Feds, Vow Not to Detain Immigrants on ICE's Behalf

Both Santa Clara County and Washington, D.C. are finding ways around the federal government’s Secure Communities deportation program.

The Myth of the 'Perfect Immigrant' Does More Harm Than Good

Immigration advocate Michelle Fei says that our criminal justice system is imperfect. So why do we expect the country’s immigrants to be?

Secure Communities Task Force Criticizes Program, Five Resign in Protest

The program is the cornerstone of the Obama administration’s deportation agenda, and it’s falling apart.