Study: In Black Men, Internalized Racism Speeds Up Aging

A new study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine finds that taking in racism can wear away at white blood cells.

Should Young Black Women Strive to Be Steve Jobs--or to Do Better? [Reader Forum] readers discuss an exciting program that’s giving young black women the tech skills that nobody else will, and how few truly positive tech-sector role models these kids have.

The Dubious, Dangerous Science of Race Lives On, Says Scholar

Northwestern University’s Dorothy Roberts warns in a new book that too much mainstream science still accepts the idea that human beings are divided into fundamentally different groups. She explains to why that’s a problem.

U.S. Gov. Secretly Infected Thousands of Guatemalans with STDs

Government scientists infected 5,500 Guatemalans with syphilis and gonorrhea between 1946 and 1948 to study the effects of penicillin, according to recent findings of a U.S. presidential panel.

AIDS Researchers Eye Flurry of Promising Vaccine Developments

Recent weeks have witnessed a series of striking advancements in developing a vaccine for the 30-year-old epidemic that’s ravaging black neighborhoods.

The Pseudoscience of "Black Women Are Less Attractive"

A London School of Economics psychology professor creates bar graphs to show how

black women are uglier than women of other races. Psychology Today publishes it. Sigh.

HIV Prevention Breakthrough Electrifies Movement to End Epidemic

Scientists and advocates alike are abuzz about a study showing a pill-a-day regimen’s success in blocking transmission.