school closures

Students to Boycott Newark Public Schools

Some 600 parents have pledged to boycott city schools, organizers say.

Parents Announce Boycott of Newark Schools Over School Reform Plan

Parents step up their tactics to fight decades of reforms and state control of Newark Public Schools.

Dept. of Ed Probes Complaint That Newark School Closures Racially Discriminate

Black students are just 53 percent of Newark students but 73 percent of those whose schools were shut in 2011-2012.

New Civil Rights Suit Calls School Closures Discriminatory

Mass school closures in Chicago, Newark and New Orleans create

inequity, civil rights groups argue.

Infographic: Alternatives to School Closures

“Because you can’t improve a closed school.”

Grinch Delivers Coal to Chicago Aldermen in National Protest to Reclaim Public Education

Actions were planned for over 60 cities.

Activists Say No to Another 'School Desert' in Chicago

A new coalition wants to hold on to one last neighborhood high school in Chicago’s historically black Bronzeville neighborhood.

Philly Students Turn Current School Crisis Into Art

Students in Philly public schools are drawing inspiration from the budget crisis surrounding them.

Dispatch From Philadelphia: The Brutal End of Public Education

This is what austerity and “reform” look like.

Watch 9-Yr-Old Asean Johnson Fire Up Protesters to Fight School Closures

Nine-year-old Asean Johnson may need to stand up on a chair to be seen above the podium from which he speaks, but he holds in him a wisdom and fire well beyond his years. Watch him address the crowds that assembled Monday to protest Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s school closures agenda, which will affect Garvey Elementary School, where Johnson is a student, and a proposed 53 other schools in the district.

11 Arrested at City Hall as Chicago Teachers, Families Unite to Defend Public Schools

A growing coalition of teachers, students and parents is taking on Rahm Emanuel’s school closures agenda.