Issa Rae in black shirt and red sweater; Alton Sterling in light blue collared shirt

Issa Rae Creates Scholarship Fund for Alton Sterling's Children

The “Awkward Black Girl” and “Insecure” creator and actress’ fund has already raised more than $300,000. 

Facebook Donates $250,000 in Scholarships for Coders From Underrepresented Groups

The money will cover tuition for 20 developers in the immersive Dev Bootcamp coding program. 

Arizona Students Create Scholarship for Undocumented Students

Prescott College students will each pay $30 per semester to support the Freedom Education Fund.

This Google Doodle Aims 'To Not Only Turn Heads, But Souls As Well'

Tenth grader Akilah Johnson’s winning Google Doodle draws from the history of Black resistance and pride.