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Shonda Rhimes On How 'Scandal,' Olivia Pope Have Changed Hollywood

“It feels normal and obvious that women of color can lead the shows.”

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WATCH: Viola Davis and Kerry Washington Meet for Epic Shondaland Crossover

Annalise Keating seeks Olivia Pope’s help in bringing a case to the U.S. Supreme Court during an upcoming set of “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder” episodes.

Kerry Washington on left with white pattened dress and Aziz Ansari on right with blue blazer and open mouth

WATCH: Kerry Washington and Aziz Ansari Trade Racist Casting Horror Stories

The two stars were paired for Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series.

Channing Dungey is the First Black Woman to Run a Broadcast Network

The executive who developed “Scandal” and “American Crime” is now in charge at ABC.

Viola Davis, Anthony Anderson, and Other Artists of Color Highlighted in 67th Emmy Nominations

The nomination pool is notably diverse this year as compared to previous ones, reflecting changing demographics on the American small screen.

Olivia Pope's Daddy Just Had a Very Good Weekend

And he will still monologue the worst out of you.

Shonda Rhimes Will Own ABC on Thursday Nights

She just inked a new four-year deal with ABC Studios.

Watch Shonda Rhimes Talk About 'Scandal's' Season Finale

It’s already been called the show’s “best episode yet.”

Ava DuVernay's Directorial Debut of 'Scandal' Airs Tonight

Scandal will be broadcast tonight at 10 p.m.

Because You Know You Can't Wait for Tonight's Premier of 'Scandal'

Here’s a sneak peek at the show’s third season.

Jennifer Hudson Channels Olivia Pope in Health Care 'Scandal' Spoof

The singer has a new role to play. But don’t call her a “fixer.”

Another Emmy Win for 'Modern Family' Puts Show on Verge of History

But the show was one of the few bright spots for actors of color at this year’s awards.

Shonda Rhimes to Produce New Show with Scandal's Dan Bucatinsky

This one’s about scandalous parents.

Watch the Trailer for the Third Season of ABC's 'Scandal'

And Olivia’s life is a mess.

Shonda Rhimes Does Not Think 'Scandal' is a Guilty Pleasure

And she explains why you shouldn’t, either.

Olivia Pope Reacts to Another Year of Mostly White Emmy Nods

This year’s Emmy nods are out. No surprises: House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men lead the way. But, of course, the nominations really white.

Ava DuVernay to Direct An Episode of Next Season's 'Scandal'

The announcement caps off a stellar week for the acclaimed filmmaker.

Shonda Rhimes on TV's Lack of Diversity: 'I Think It's Sad and Weird'

The most powerful woman in television has a lot to say. And she’s so on point.

Kerry Washington Talks Race, Art and James Baldwin in New Short Film

“I remember stumbling upon him at a time when I was sort of grappling with who was right–Malcom or Martin?, Washington says in the film.