Meet RJ Brewer, the Anti-Immigrant SB1070-Loving Lucha Libre Wrestler

Yes, ‘RJ Brewer’ – real name, John Stagikas – says his mama is Arizona governor Jan Brewer.

Jenni Rivera Was One of First Stars to Call Arizona's SB1070 Racist

AP is reporting that a small plane carrying Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera has gone missing after taking off from the city of Monterrey.

Civil Rights Groups Worry as SB 1070 Goes into Effect

On Tuesday, a federal judge cleared the way for Section 2B of Senate Bill 1070 that requires Arizona law enforcement officials check the immigration status of anyone they encounter and believe is undocumented.

The Supreme Court and Dangerous Immigration Metaphors

Referring to people with as “illegals” is equivalent to referring to defendants awaiting trial as “convicted criminals.”

Nationwide Protests Against SB 1070 End with Nine Arrests in Phoenix

Not content to let the fight against the SB 1070 be handled by the federal government alone, immigrant rights activists turned out across the country yesterday on the day the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case to demand an end to Arizona’s SB 1070.

A Colorblind Supreme Court Hearing on Arizona's Anti-Immigrant SB 1070

Supreme Court Justices seemed to be unconvinced that states like Arizona are breaking the law when they allow police officers to ask people’s immigration statuses if they suspect they’re undocumented.

Supreme Court Skeptical of Striking Down Arizona's SB 1070

Arizona argues compellingly that with programs like 287(g) and Secure Communities, SB 1070 merely complements the federal government’s existing enforcement agenda.

The U.S. vs. Arizona: A Primer for the High Court's Big Day on Immigration

Who gets to regulate the lives of immigrants? The Supreme Court will attempt to settle the debate. Today, both sides make their case before the High Court.

Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments on Arizona's SB 1070 Tomorrow will cover the hearing and offer analysis of what the High Court must decide. It’s a big day for immigration law in the United States.

Two More Provisions of Alabama's Anti-Immigrant HB 56 Blocked

But a key part is still being enforced.

The Coming Battle Down South: Latino Voters vs. Anti-Immigrant Lawmakers

Latino and Asian immigrants are the fastest-growing segments of the South, but their voting power still lags.

Anti-Day Laborer Provision in Arizona's SB 1070 Blocked

Last week’s Supreme Court victory is already impacting immigrant workers’ rights.

Caption Contest: What Did Brewer and Her Wagging Finger Tell Obama?

If the New Yorker can have their caption contests, so can we.

Missouri Wants to Make Public Schools Check Immigration Statuses

Missouri could be the next battleground in a nationwide fight over tougher immigration laws.

'Mexican Restaurant' is the 7th Most Popular Google Maps Search in the U.S.

So some states don’t want Mexican immigrants to stay but they sure would miss the food.

Scholars Eye SB 1070 as Among Court's "Biggest Immigration Cases Ever"

The Supreme Court said this week it’ll hear the challenges to Arizona’s undocumented immigrant profiling law. It will be weighing narrow legal questions, but its ruling will be of enormous and broad significance.

Get Ready for Battle: Supreme Court Will Take Up SB 1070

The fight that both sides of the immigration debate have been itching for has finally arrived.

Russell Pearce, Arizona's Loudest Immigrant-Bashing Pol, Gets the Boot

In the state’s first-ever recall, voters said enough already with the immigration-enforcement obsession and fired the man considered one of Arizona’s most powerful politicians. Julianne Hing looks at the election and its meaning.

4 Artists Who Are Reshaping America's Immigration Debate

From the indigenous tribes of New Mexico to the streets of Oakland, these four artists are using culture as a weapon in their fight for a more humane immigration debate.

The Alabama Town Most Changed (and Saved) by Immigration

From a distance–the perspective from which immigration is too often discussed–this small town seems like an apt illustration of why Alabama should crack down on immigrants. Up close, it’s clear immigration is actually saving Russellville.