San Francisco

Mural in San Francisco's George Washington High School depicting Black people performing manual labor.

San Francisco High School to Remove Racist Murals

The city’s school board voted unanimously to get rid of a long-standing art series that shows Black people and Native Americans in disturbing scenes alongside the school’s namesake, President George Washington.

Three surveillance cameras on the corner of a building

San Francisco Says Nah to Facial Recognition Software

The city is the first in the nation to ban the police and other municipal departments from using the technology.

Flood waters rise around a title loan store on Garners Ferry Road October 4, 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina.

A New Study Explains Why Coastal Cities Are at Increased Risk of Flooding

The factors that contributed to Houston’s devastation are poised to converge in other cities, too.

New San Francisco Ordinance Keeps the City From Cooperating With Any Religion-Based Registry

In response to President Trump toying with the idea of a Muslim registry, Bay Area groups pushed for the ordinance to block city from creating or implementing a a database based on religion, national origin or ethnicity.

Native person holds brown drum and wears black hat and multicolored top in front of other native peoples in multicolored clothing and attire against blue sky

Shaun King Launches 'Injustice Boycott' Against State Violence

The New York Daily News columnist launched the first phase of the boycott in San Francsco, New York City and Standing Rock.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray (left) shakes hands with Hillary Clinton, whom he had just endorsed, during a rally March 22, 2016, in Seattle, Washington. The mayor is standing with his city's status as a sanctuary city despite Donald Trump winning the election.

Seattle Mayor Says City Will Remain Sanctuary City Despite Trump Presidency

The president-elect promises to end funding to these safe havens for undocumented immigrants.

Protestors hold signs on streets of Los Angeles

WATCH: #TrumpProtests Take Over Streets Nationwide

From New York City to Los Angeles, Americas are expressing their displeasure with the election of Donald Trump.

Colin Kaepernick with black afro and white jersey with red lettering against blurred blue-green background

Colin Kaepernick Targeted With Violent T-Shirts at Bills Game

The 49ers quarterback’s kneeling protest against police violence still angers a lot of people.

Police car parked on the street in San Francisco

DOJ Report: San Francisco PD Targets People of Color

The Justice Department’s COPS Office just made 272 recommendations aimed at revamping the department.

Three Black men kneeling in black jerseys with red lettering against green background

Colin Kaepernick Calls Justice Bader Ginsburg's Criticism of National Anthem Protest 'Disappointing'

Kaepernick: “It is disappointing to hear a Supreme Court justice call a protest against injustices and oppression ‘stupid, dumb.’”

Man in black suit with blue tie and white shirt; woman in red suit, man in cornrows and white sleeveless tee

Colin Kaepernick Calls Both Presidential Candidates 'Liars,' 'Racist' Following Debate

“Both are proven liars and it almost seems like they’re trying to debate who’s less racist.”

Black football player with large Afro takes pictures with fans in stadium

San Francisco 49ers Pledge $1 Million to Social Justice Orgs

Colin Kaepernick’s protest spurred his team to invest in addressing the local racial-driven socioeconomic divide.

Megan Rapinoe in blue and white jersey with black/charcoal background

Megan Rapinoe Takes Knee During National Anthem as 'Nod to Kaepernick'

Soccer champion Rapinoe: “We need a more substantive conversation around race relations and the way people of color are treated.”

Colin Kaepernick in black jacket and black t-shirt with red and gold logos on each

Colin Kaepernick Pledges $1 Million to Charities, Criticizes Media Portrayal of National Anthem Protest

Meanwhile, Twitter users celebrated Kaepernick’s activism and new afro with #KapSoBlack, and a police union official criticized a training-camp photo of the quarterback wearing socks depicting police as pigs.

Colin Kaepernick in white warm up shirt holding brown football

NFL Execs Offer Colorful Responses to Colin Kaepernick's Protest

Several anonymous NFL executives expressed their disgust with the 49ers quarterback’s decision to sit during the national anthem in protest of police violence, saying that Kaepernick’s playing days may be numbered.

Colin Kaepernick in red jersey with white "7" in the middle, brown helmet and holding brown football

SF Police Union Demands Apology For Colin Kaepernick's 'Ill-Advised Statements' On Police Violence

“We will not stand by while he attacks police officers killed in this country with statements such as, ‘People are on paid leave while people of color are killed.’” 

White man wearing glasses with camera

STUDY: Police Body Cameras in Danger of Being Used as 'Instruments of Injustice'

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights examined body-worn camera policies in 50 municipalities. It was not impressed.

Food Justice Org Empowers Women of Color in New Episode of 'The Movement'

Mic’s docu-series visits San Francisco’s Mission District to profile local nonprofit “La Cocina.”

Activists on Day 7 of San Fran Hunger Strike Call for Police Chief's Removal

From the release of racist texts sent by San Francisco officers to the police-involved deaths of people of color like Alex Nieto and Mario Woods, they’ve had enough.

Facebook Donates $250,000 in Scholarships for Coders From Underrepresented Groups

The money will cover tuition for 20 developers in the immersive Dev Bootcamp coding program.