Safety Net

Person holds mini flag to their chest, wearing blue and white striped shirt

Trump Administration Plans to Restrict Green Cards For Immigrants Enrolled in Safety Net Programs

Per a new 447-page proposal, the federal government seeks to deny green cards to immigrants who have received benefits including Medicaid, housing vouchers and supplemental food assistance.

Ariz. Mom's Arrest Triggers Outpouring of Support

But, what about the other Shanesha Taylors?

Republican States Cut 'Food Stamps' As Feds Promise Not To

Republican state lawmakers are looking to do the job that their Beltway comrades won’t be able to: Cut foot stamps from every angle.

At Least Eight States Have Already Considered Welfare Drug Tests This Year

In the first few weeks of the new legislative sessions, lawmakers in at least 8 states have proposed bills to impose drug tests on applicants to family safety net programs.

Food Stamp Bashing, Race, and the Bi-Partisan Attack on the Safety-Net

The GOP is winning the rhetorical war on poverty because Obama’s afraid to talk about race. And the results could be disastrous for millions of families.

The Scary, Familiar Way Romney Would Shrink the Food Stamp Rolls

Mitt Romney again used the 47 million Americans on food stamps a line of attack in last night’s debate. But his plan for fixing that is to simply let those families starve.

Georgia's Political Cudgel Against the Poor: Drug Testing

Georgia followed Florida’s example in forcing safety-net recipients to get drug tests, despite the fact that neither law is likely to stand up in court. Why? Because actual policymaking was never the point.

Georgia Asks Employers to Rat Out Job Seekers Who Fail Drug Tests

The state’s one of several that’s using hyped up fears about drugs to weaken unemployment insurance programs.