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Tea Partier Rep. Joe Walsh, (R-Ill) Says Democrats Got Blacks 'Dependent Upon Government'

Illinois Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh has an ongoing list of racist remarks against everyone who isn’t white.

Gingrich Surges With Old, Familiar Ploy: Racist Attacks on Poor People

Newt Gingrich has for decades been the GOP standard bearer in using racial caricatures to demonize poor people. Food stamps were spared for a time, leaving them the last functioning part of the economic safety net. No longer.

Oakland Residents Stage Silent Protests to Save Libraries

If city lawmakers have their way, Oakland will be left with only four public libraries.

Libraries are Part of the Safety Net -- No Wonder Governments Hate Them

Long before the internet came along, libraries were under attack by local governments and bad funding decisions.

Will Social Security Be the Next Deficit Hawk Prey?

Social Security is 90 percent of income for a third of black and Latino seniors.

Senate Chops Last Lifeline For Struggling Families

Food stamps are all that’s left for many, but they too are sacrificed to the deficit demons.

Selling Food Stamps for Kids' Shoes

Unable to find jobs, kicked off welfare, women in Connecticut are forced to sell food assistance to buy basic necessities.