Election Night Sadness: White People Mourning Mitt Romney [Photos]

Sad face.

Report: Government Abandoned Integration of Housing For Decades

The Fair Housing Act has been largely ignored for 40 years, according to a new investigation.

DREAMers Call Romney's Latest Spanish Language Ad Deceptive

Undocumented youth and other immigrant rights groups want the ad taken down.

Romney Cares About All Immigrant Children, But Only After They Join the Military

From self-deportation to the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform, Romney spoke up about all of them last night.

The Scary, Familiar Way Romney Would Shrink the Food Stamp Rolls

Mitt Romney again used the 47 million Americans on food stamps a line of attack in last night’s debate. But his plan for fixing that is to simply let those families starve.

GOP to America: 'We Built It.' But Who's the We?

As the Republican National Convention kicks off this week, the question remains: What’s Romney’s economic plan, and who’s it actually for?