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A rusted steel pole with red, white and blue stars and stripes in rural Pennsylvania

[OPINION] Looking for the Left Wing in Rural, Predominantly White Areas

Even without systemic voter disenfranchisement and Republican district gerrymandering, the Electoral College and GOP-dominated Senate give disproportionate power to rural areas. The least progressives can do is to try to fight back. 

Ahmed Mohamed Leaving U.S., Moving To Qatar

Nearly a month after the 14-year-old’s controversial arrest, Ahmed Mohamed’s family announced that they will be moving to Qatar. 

Here We Go Again: The Ginned Up Race War of 2012

Conservative commentators and political operatives have already begun conjuring images of scary black people out to destroy an endangered whiteness. Sally Kohn predicts we’ll see a lot more, as the right seeks ways to motivate its electoral base.

Obama: 'I've Got Better Stuff To Do' Than Talk About Birthers

The President releases his birth certificate to quiet the rumors. But don’t expect them to go away any time soon.

Far-Right Scores Neb. Law Banning Immigrant Renters

The voters of Fremont, Nebraska, have made their town of 25,000 famous by passing the latest anti-immigrant law authored by the lobbyist who wrote SB 1070.