Republican National Convention

Activists around white-clothed Berta Cáceres puppet, wearing white shirts and waving yellow flags

Activists Demand Justice for Berta Cáceres, End to U.S.-Funded Violence in Honduras

Today’s action in Philadelphia marks the end of the It Takes Roots to Change the System People’s Caravan trip from the RNC to the DNC.

Standing on the Republican National Convention stage, Donald Trump grimaces

Why Black Clevelanders Were MIA at the RNC

Donald Trump is staggeringly unpopular among Black people. And Cleveland is close to 55 percent Black. But you’d never know either fact looking at Republican National Convention protests. Here’s why some locals say they steered clear of the downtown scene—and why their presence was beside the point.

White man in black suit, white shirt and red tie stands in front of an image of the American flag with his hands up

Black Lives Matter on Trump: 'He is a Disgrace'

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter: “His doublespeak belies his true nature: a charlatan who will embolden racists and destroy communities of color.”

Clapping woman in white dress

Staff Writer Takes Blame for Melania Trump Plagiarism

Meredith McIver: “I apologize for the confusion and hysteria my mistake has caused.”

 A protestor with the It Takes Root to Change the System People's Caravan prepares for the #WallOffTrump action outside the Republican National Convention on July 20, 2016.

This Multiracial 'People's Caravan' is Trekking from the RNC to the DNC to Condemn Election-Season Hate

More than 20 organizations are traveling together from the Republican National Convention to the Democratic National Convention to protest the racism, xenophobia and misogyny they’ve seen this year.

Man waves while standing in front of a blue background with a white star

The #1 Shadiest Response to Ted Cruz Telling RNC Viewers to 'Vote Your Conscience'

Can you guess who posted it?

Donald Trump in navy suit with white shirt and red tie, with American flag graphic in background

Trump Ghostwriter to Donate Book Royalties to Immigrant Rights Orgs

“I like the idea that, the more copies that ‘The Art of the Deal’ sells, the more money I can donate to the people whose rights Trump seeks to abridge,” Tony Schwartz told The New Yorker.

Man holds papr mask with face of Donald Trump

GOP Officially Nominates Donald Trump

He will face off against the Democratic nominee in the general election.

Ben Carson Says Being Transgender 'Doesn't Make Any Sense'

The former presidential candidate is set to speak at the Republican National Convention tonight.

Orange "Islamophobin" container with white text, held by hand against gray background

CAIR Distributes 'Islamophobin,' A Fake Cure for Islamophobia, at RNC

The Muslim-American advocacy group advertises the satirical drug as a cure for the Islamophobic thought and rhetoric pervading this election cycle. 

White woman wearing white stands in front of a microphone

10 Best Reactions to Melania Trump's RNC Speech

Viewers went off when they realized an entire section was lifted wholesale from a 2008 FLOTUS speech. From #BeckyWithTheBorrowedSpeech to #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes, hilarity ensued.

It's Official: AP Says Trump Has Clinched the Republican Nomination

Yeah, everyone else already dropped out, but The Associated Press says he just reached the required number of delegates to lead his party. 

Black Gay Comedian Wanda Sykes: 'Only Way GOP Could Hate Me More' Is If I Rolled Around in Pile of Welfare Checks

Black, gay and female comedian Wanda Sykes says the only way the GOP could possibly hate her more is if she sent them a video of her “rolling around on a pile of welfare checks.”

Voter ID Threatens to Storm Next Week's GOP Convention

As the RNC platform is amended to include support of voter ID legislation, we bring you the week’s voting rights updates