Brown hand with brown bandage and tan bandage on fingers

VIDEO: Dominique Apollon Breaks Down Why It's #MoreThanABandage

Race Forward’s vice president of research talks to Colorlines about why it means so much to finally find a bandage that matches his skin tone.

Brown women and men hold multicolored signs near white banner with blue and black and red text on grey stone pavement and green grass in front of brown building

Latinx Advocacy Group Threatens to Boycott Hollywood Studios

National Hispanic Media Coalition president Alex Nogales: “The primary culprits in the exclusion of American Latinos are the film executives.”

#GayMediaSoWhite Challenges Press to Be More Inclusive

The hashtag criticizes gay-focused publications that privilege White men over people of color. 

'Fresh Off the Boat' Star Hudson Yang on Asian Americans on Television: 'We're Making Our Mark'

The 12-year-old actor spoke to Hyphen Magazine about Asian-American representation in television. 

SCOTUS Just Heard 2 Cases That Could Redefine Voting Rights in America

If the challengers have their way, the “one person, one vote” principle will ignore millions of Americans.

Here's What Colorlines Readers Said About This Tone-Deaf 'Ellen' Sketch

After Ellen DeGeneres aired a parody sketch about Nicki Minaj’s upcoming semi-biographical television show, featuring a young black girl with an exaggerated butt, we asked Colorlines readers on social media what they thought. Here are the results. 

ICYMI: Leslie Jones Helms Three Best Bits From 'Saturday Night Live' Season Opener

Hint: None of them focused on Miley Cyrus.

Zendaya-Inspired Barbie in the Works, Complete with Locs

Zendaya on Barbie: “When I was little, I didn’t have one that looked like me, so I couldn’t connect with her in that way.”

Watch What Happens When You Cut Films Down to Non-White Speaking Roles

Dylan Marron’s new series, “Every Single Word,” does just that to devastating affect.