Rekia Boyd

Sign with photo of Rekia Boyd, text says, "I am Rekia Boyd. Rally for my life! Who's next?"

WATCH: Video Explores Fatal Police Violence Inflicted on Black Women

“Even in death, women play the second role.”

We're Dying Too

The police killings of black women such as Rekia Boyd, Yuvette Henderson and Mya Hall don’t grab major headlines or spark mass marches. With a national day of action and a new report, organizers are demanding that we all pay close attention. Andrea J. Ritchie explains.

Judge Dismisses Charges for Cop Charged for Killing Rekia Boyd

Dante Servin, a white Chicago detective, had been charged with manslaughter for killing Boyd, a black 22-year-old, in 2012.

Family of Slain Woman Killed by Chicago Police Officer's Aimless Shots Wins $4.5 Million

On Wednesday, close to a year after her death, the Chicago City Council approved a $4.5 million settlement for Boyd’s family.