The outside of the Supreme Court

SCOTUS Upholds Citizens' Right to Define Own Voting Districts, Prevent Gerrymandering

The Supreme Court ruled that citizens have power to define their own voting districts, independent of partisan politicians.

NC Redistricting Decision Another Setback for Voting Rights

A redistricting plan for North Carolina that civil rights activists call racially gerrymandered is upheld by three-judge panel.

Virginia Republicans' Bizarre Notion of 'Fair' Voting

If the state GOP’s effort to reconfigure electoral college tallying would have been law last year, hundreds of thousands of black voters would have waited hours in line for nothing.

Why Were There Long Voting Lines in 2012? Virginia Holds Answers

A congressional hearing seeks to find out what caused so much turmoil on Election Day.

Redistricting Protects the 2010 Republican Surge in State Legislatures

And the ugly, bruising battles they launched around immigration, health reform and reproductive rights are certain to continue.

The Tea Party Will Still Run the States, No Matter Who Wins the Presidency

Far right symbolism may have receded, but thanks to redistricting, tea party politics will dominate state legislatures for some time to come.