ReBecca Theodore-Vachon

Niani Scott, Whitney A. Spencer and ReBecca Theodore-Vachon. Black woman with black and blonde dredlocs and black t-shirt with white text next to Black woman with brown hair in white shirt and blue jacket next to Black woman in blue and orange blouse

Meet the 3 Black Women Named Roger Ebert Fellows

The Roger Ebert Fellowship—an initiative from the Sundance Institute and—helps rising film critics and artists make the most of the institute’s annual film festival.

White men and women in movie posters with multicolored backgrounds set against White twitter box with icon of Black man at top and whole image featuring black and red text

Twitter Eviscerates White Saviors, Magical POC and More #TiredMediaTropes

Robert Jones Jr. told Colorlines that he created #TiredMediaTropes in response to a recent episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”