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Persian America Goes Hollywood: See Preview of 'Shahs of Sunset' [Video]

Ryan Seacrest, executive producer of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has teamed up with “Real Housewives” franchise creator Andy Cohen for “Shahs of Sunset.”

How Lowe's Walked Into the Morality War Against Sex, Gays and Muslims

The company loves to tout its commitment to diversity. But it’s sheepishly running away from any meaningful discussion of race–and getting bullied by the rightwing fringe that has made Islamophobia a new priority.

Group Says Lowe's Is One of 64 Companies to Pull Ads From 'All-American Muslim'

And the conservative Christian group’s got other high-profile targets, too.

We're Cautiously Optimistic About the 'All-American Muslim' Reality TV Show

Let’s hope it’s better than the scandalous shows that make up our reality TV landscape.

Bravo and Ryan Seacrest Announce Persian 'Jersey Shore' Reality Show

At least the producers are excited. “There’s not a show like it on TV,” they’ve said.

The Dodsons Are Moving to Hollywood. For a Reality TV Show!

The Bed Intruder phenomenon is headed to a TV near you.

"Project Runway" Replay: Mondo Guerra Shows How to Walk Free

Last week’s season finale reminds us of a revolutionary moment in reality TV earlier this year.

Is Reality TV a Revolution for Race or the New Minstrel?

It’s opened up more space than ever for people of color on TV–but that’s not necessarily a good thing.