Reader Forum

What Does Paul Ryan Tell Us About What Romney Thinks? [Reader Forum]

Readers talk about Mitt Romney’s choice of running mate, and what we can deduce about his views of women and people of color.

What Does the Sikh Temple Tragedy Tell Us About White Men's 'Deep Crisis'? [Reader Forum]

In the wake of this tragedy, can we have a real conversation about what’s happening with our white men? Readers discuss.

Should Young Black Women Strive to Be Steve Jobs--or to Do Better? [Reader Forum] readers discuss an exciting program that’s giving young black women the tech skills that nobody else will, and how few truly positive tech-sector role models these kids have.

Why is the 2012 Farm Bill Punishing Single Moms for Being Poor? [Reader Forum]

Readers discuss Akiba Solomon’s explainer on the impact of the proposed cuts in 2012 food-assistance programs.

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Are For-Profit Schools the Next Subprime Crash for Communities of Color? [Reader Forum]

Students of color are being left little choice but to flock to for-profit schools – a section of the education industry with increasingly lax oversight. Could this be the next subprime crash in the making? Here’s what you had to say.

Who's Got Their Eye on Your Right to Vote? [Reader Forum]

Readers discuss the dirt Brentin Mock and crew have dug up in their nationwide coverage of voting rights and voter suppression. Also, a note that our site comments will be offline for maintenance this week.

Can Whites Honor People of Color Without Making Them Objects? [Reader Forum]

A white second-grader celebrates Dr. King – with blackface. American Apparel puts a farmworker in an advertisement. Colorlines readers discuss all of the above.

What Will Be The Legacy Of Obama's Embrace of Marriage Equality? [Reader Forum]

The community reacts with mixed feelings to Obama’s historic statement.

Are You a 'Revolutionary Patient' like Kuttin Kandi? [Reader Forum]

The community talks fat-phobia, medical professional bias, and journeying toward real health.

Did Sweden's Racist Cake-Cutting Scandal Accomplish Anything? [Reader Forum]

Or was it another case of exploitative politics packaged in shock-value art? Colorlines readers discuss.

'My First Thought Was, Run!' Share Your I Could Be Trayvon Story

Trayvon Martin’s story triggered horrific memories for many black men in particular. Dom Apollon was moved to share his own frightening experience with being considered threatening, and created a Tumblr inviting others to do the same.

What Does Real Justice For Trayvon Martin Look Like? readers come together to discuss the path forward from the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin, and the long history that brought us here.

Who Is Derrick Bell?

As rightwing media attempts to smear one of the biggest names in the study of race in America, invites his students, mentees and those touched by him to chime in and define Bell’s legacy–before Fox News re-defiines it.

Have You Fought to Help Felipe Montes Reunite With His Kids? [Reader Forum]

Last week com reported a stunning story about a North Carolina family being ripped apart by deportation. The campaign that followed that story has already made a difference.

How Will Perceptions of Asians be Affected by LIN-SANITY!!! [Reader Forum]

What role did soft racial bias play in keeping Jeremy Lin on the bench for so long? readers discuss.

Why is Hollywood So Afraid of Black Women? [Reader Forum] readers discuss The Help’s place as a good vehicle for black actresses and a bad vehicle for accurate history.

Who Pays the Price for DC's Morning-After Pill Decision? [Reader Forum]

Readers discuss the morning-after pill, ruled ‘safer than aspirin’ by the FDA but scandalized by the Obama administration.

Did You Talk About Race on Thanksgiving? [Reader Forum] readers discuss Alabama’s HB 56, and Elon James Whites’ on-the-ground report on its effects, in the context of Thanksgiving and family history.

Obama Knows Families are Shattered by Deportation. Now What? [Reader Forum]

President Obama responded to our publisher’s report on children of deportees getting stuck in foster care; now, our readers respond to him.