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Imara Jones Discusses What's Next for Government in #ShutdownChat2

Imara Jones spoke with our Twitter community about the personal and political fallout of the government shutdown.

Hoodies Up Next: Keep Our Justice for Trayvon Chat Going

Colorlines received overwhelming feedback to yesterday’s live chat discussing how to find true Justice for Trayvon Martin through long-term activism.

LIVE CHAT: What's Justice for Trayvon?

Watch the conversation here at 12p eastern and join it on Twitter at #HoodiesUpNext.

We Really Want to Hear From You, So We Got Bigger Ears

Welcome our new team member, who will spend the next 12 months talking with all of you.

Will Racist Theme Parties Ever Go Out Of Style? [Reader Forum]

Duke University frat throws a racist rager, featuring yellow-face, kimonos, and more. Colorlines readers sound off on why another semester always seems to mean another racist theme party.

Was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Criticism of 'Girls' Correct? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers respond to Donald Glover’s role on “Girls,” high youth murder rates in Chicago, and domestic violence charges levied against a former NFL player.

Are Films About Slavery Obligated To Tell The Truth? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers debate the value of ‘Django Unchained’ and share non-fiction resources regarding slavery.

Are For-Profit Colleges Good or Bad for Students of Color? [Reader Forum]

A Colorlines reader explains both the appeal and the darker side of for-profit colleges.

Should Black Women Have To Straighten Their Hair To Be On TV? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers sounds off on perms, police, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Racial Justice Can Be Fun -- And We've Got the Pictures to Prove It [Reader Forum]

Weren’t able to join us for Facing Race in Baltimore? Not a problem. Here’s a quick rundown of some key takeaways.

What Are Your Hopes For The Next Four Years? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers discuss voter suppression in Florida, and their hopes for the next four years.

Who Has the Right to Portray Nina Simone? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers sound off on recently photos leaked of Zoe Saldana with darkened skin and facial prosthetics in order to help her look more like Nina Simone for the upcoming unauthorized bio pic.

Could This Be The End Of Affirmative Action? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers sound off on the latest threat to affirmative action.

Is Voter Suppression Becoming Less Common, or Just Less Overt? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers discuss the latest efforts by conservatives to paint disenfranchised voters of color as “lazy” or “undeserving” of the right to vote.

Dolce and Gabbana's 'Mammy' Collection: Insult or Homage? [Reader Forum] commenters explore the most recent run-in between fashion, race, and agency.

Does Mitt Romney Still Have A Chance? [Reader Forum] community members sound off on Romney’s latest series of gaffes.

What Does It Mean for Black America When Obama Calls Himself 'Mixed'? [Reader Forum]

Obama finally mentions race on the campaign trail; the community puts it in perspective.

Who Talked More About Race at the Conventions -- Romney or Obama? [Reader Forum]

The community breaks down Obama’s silence and Romney’s coding.

What's the Best Way for Hip-Hop to Criticize Itself? [Reader Forum]

Lupe Fiasco’s “Bitch Bad,” and Akiba Solomon’s take on it, kicks off a conversation at about how hiphop can take a stand while still being listenable.

Who Decides If You're American Enough to Vote? [Reader Forum]

The community reacts to Brentin and Aura’s newest dispatches from the voter ID wars, being fought in your state right now.