Ray Kelly

Stop-and-Frisk Chief Ray Kelly Thinks Ferguson Cops Went Too Far

Yeah, it’s that bad.

Ray Kelly Gets Booed Off Stage by Brown University Students

More than 100 Brown students demanded Commissioner Kelly end the controversial NYPD stop-and-frisk tactic during a scheduled talk.

Is Obama Poised To Create Stop-and-Frisk Nation?

Amidst national debates around racial profiling, Obama endorses the head cheerleader for stop-and-frisk policies to head Homeland Security.

NYPD Has Changed 'Nothing' About Muslim Spying Program

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says that the city has changed nothing about it’s controversial program to spy in Muslims communities.

Bloomberg Basically Admits NYPD Spied on Muslims For No Reason Other Than Religion

The New York Police Department has spied on Muslim New Yorkers for no other reason than that they are Muslim. Yesterday, after months of near silence from federal officials, Attorney General Eric Holder called the program “disturbing”.

A Closer Look at Ray Kelly's Multi-Billion Dollar Army of Spies

New York Police Department has argued that it’s spending billions to spy on Muslim Americans in order to foil terror plots. That assertion simply doesn’t hold up against the few facts they’ve been willing to share.