Boy on school stairwell with striped shirt

Children of Immigrants Share Their 'American Story' in New PSAs

Children’s advocacy group First Focus launched “My American Story” in support of immigration reform efforts.

EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Studs Terkel’s 'Black Power' Interview with Activist Charles Hamilton

As Chicago’s WFMT kicks off a campaign to bring the broadcaster’s legacy to the Internet, Colorlines has rare audio of his interview with the man who co-authored “Black Power: The Politics of Liberation” with Kwame Ture.

The Silencing of a Radio Legend

The corporate giant iHeart Radio has pushed “The Art Laboe Connection,” a classic oldies-but-goodies show, out of L.A. Here’s one Latino writer’s love letter to the show and the DJ he was raised on.

Is Serial Having Trouble Telling a Muslim American and Immigrant Story?

Who’s telling the story matters.

Rush Limbaugh Is Out of National Advertisers for Next Two Weeks

It’s been close to two weeks since Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and the controversy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

98 Major Advertisers Say No to Limbaugh and Other Right Wing Radio Shows

Afraid of potential controversies corporations are pulling out of any show that could potentially spark controversy.

History of Bigotry for Radio Hosts Who Called Whitney Houston 'Crack Hoe'

Latino and Korean groups in Los Angeles have been calling on Clear Channel to fire John & Ken for years.