Racism in Hollywood

Aziz Ansari on New Show: 'No One Would Have Wrote This Show' For an Actor of Color

The comedian and actor screened his new Netflix series, “Master of None,” at EW Fest in New York this Saturday, before speaking the truth on Hollywood’s endemic racism during a Q&A

'Fresh Off the Boat' Star: We Weren't Going For 'The Easy Jokes, The Racist Jokes'

“Fresh Off The Boat” star Randall Park talks about the show avoiding cheap racist jokes, his controversial portrayal of Kim Jong-Un and an early acting role that illuminates how few opportunities Asian Americans have in showbusiness. 

Effie Brown Spills About Matt Damon and 'Project Greenlight’s' Diversity Problem

Effie on the infamous whitesplaining convo: “That was not the full conversation, to be real. That was a more polite version of that exchange.”

Ava DuVernay on Race and Why Hollywood Won't Let Directors of Color be Great

“Any film that you see that has any progressive spirits that is made by any people of color or a woman is a triumph, in and of itself.”

Ava DuVernay Relaunches 'AFFRM' as 'Array' In Support of Women and POC Filmmakers

DuVernay came to the realization that her film distribution collective needed to work with a broader scope of filmmakers.