ABC Announces the First Latino 'Bachelor'

Venezuelan single father Juan Pablo Galavis will be the first non-white contestant of ‘The Bachelor.”

Arkansas Tea Party Rally Kicked Off With Racist Icebreaker Joke

Not only was an Arkansas Tea Party rally kicked off with a racist joke but then a Senator went ahead a tweeted the speaker did a great job.

A Musical Thank You Note to the Racists and Misogynists of the Internet

Isabel Fay, a British comedy writer and performer, wrote a beautiful song thanking the “sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic” trolls of the interwebs.

Oxford Handbook of Personality Disorders: Is Racism is an Illness?

Does declaring racism an illness in any way remedy, address, or lead us toward a solution for this inequity?

Racists Discover Pinterest

Pinterest, the most talked about start-up of the spring, didn’t catch on at the White House quick enough because someone has signed up for the photo sharing site with the username Obama… and the user picture is that of a primate.

Starbucks Barista Draws 'Chinky Eyes' on Korean-American Customer's Cup

First it was “Ching Chong” at Chick-Fil-A in Irvine then it was it was “Lady Chinky Eyes” at a Papa John’s in Harlem and now a Starbucks Barista in Georgia drawing “chinky eyes” on a cup to identify two Korean-American customers.

'The View' on Slave Homework: 'They Knew What They Were Doing'

Sherri Shepherd calls it what it is, racism.

Atlanta School Sends 8-Year Olds With Math Homework About Beating Slaves

Nine third-grade math teachers in Gwinnett County, Georgia sent a class of mostly black and Latino students home with questions about beating slaves and picking fruit.

Calling Asians Racist Slurs on Fast Food Receipts is Now a National Trend

The first two incidents happened in Irvine, Calif., now a woman in NYC received a receipt calling her ‘lady chinky eyes.’