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How East Haven, Conn., Became Synonymous With Racial Profiling

Even if the town cops’ lawlessness is fixed, questions remain that go far beyond East Haven’s city limits. The issue was not just that racist local cops wanted to deport immigrants; it’s that federal immigration authorities obliged them.

East Haven Immigrant Rights Group Launches Twitter Campaign to Send Mayor Tacos

After four East Haven police officers were arrested Tuesday for allegedly profiling members of the Latino community, the city’s mayor said he was going to have tacos for dinner that night to help Latinos.

German Mercedes-Benz Exec Arrested Under Alabama's HB 56

Looks like Alabama’s tough new immigration law doesn’t just hurt poor, Latino immigrants.

Rep. Keith Ellison Says Congress Can't Afford to Ignore Racial Profiling

The ACLU is promoting a bill called the End Racial Profiling Act to curb shady practices by law enforcement.

Google Calls Racial Profiling Claims 'Wildly Inaccurate'

But the question of online security is a big one, and we’ve got tips to help ensure your privacy.

A Family Affair: Who's Left Behind After the FBI's Fake Terror Stings

The FBI is paying thousands of untrained informants to spy on law-abiding Muslim Americans. The program has justified itself with a series of prosecutions that are as questionable as they are high-profile. Here are the families who were left behind.

Feds Probe Los Angeles Sheriff Racial Profiling in White Suburbs

Antelope Valley deputies are accused of profiling and harassing public housing residents in an effort to chase away a growing black and Latino population.

Black Women Object to TSA's Airport Hair Pat Downs

The women say that they’re unfairly targeted for additional screening at the nation’s airports.

Black Activists Take on US Airways for Saggy Pants Incident

Advocates are calling on the airline to publicly apologize to 20-year-old Deshon Marman.

Do Airlines Have a Double Standard for Black Passengers? Take Our Poll

US Airways has sparked widespread criticism with its “sagging pants” controversy. We want to know what you think.

Evaluating the Drug War on Its 40th Birthday, by the Numbers

Forty years and $1 trillion in, the war on drugs hasn’t worked–unless locking up a massive number of black and brown people was the plan all along.

The Feds Are Cultivating Their Own "Homegrown Terrorists"

And they’re profiling American Muslims to do it.

LAPD Officer: I Can't Do My Job Without Racially Profiling

Justice Department Warns LAPD to take racial profiling seriously.

Florida's SB 1070-Copycat Tells Cops Not to Profile Canadians

Author says he included “comfort language” for our northern neighbors.

It's Official: Lax Gun Control Laws Lead to More Crime

A new report may put programs like New York’s controversial stop and frisk under new scrutiny.