Racial profiling

Report: NYPD Document Tells Cops to Consider Religion When Policing

A document obtained by the AP stands in contrast to statements by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who said the NYPD never considers religion in its policing.

Muslim Americans to NYPD: Enough Already, the Commish Must Go

This week’s revelation that NYPD leaders lied about their participation in an anti-Muslim film that was then shown to 1,500 trainees was just the latest in a growing string of evidence that the department is systematically profiling the city’s Muslim residents.

NYPD Cop Taped Making Racial Slur About Black Man After Stop-and-Frisk

It’s just the latest case of racial bias in a controversial departmental policy that targets young black and brown men.

Update: The NYPD Just Won't Stop On Frisking

88 percent of those stopped were black and Latino, according to department data.