Racial profiling

Screenshot of photo of murdered 21-year-old Alabama man Emantic Bradford

Alleged Mall Shooter Arrested, Police Still Can't Explain Why Officer Killed Emantic Bradford Jr.

The family of the Black man shot and killed by a police officer on Thanksgiving night is still waiting for the truth.

FBI seal on a wall

READ: Series Exposes the Roles Race and Hate Play in Law Enforcement

The Intercept published data from classified FBI documents that it says shows White supremacists are embedded in police departments across the nation and that the Bureau continues to profile suspects based on race and religion.

White man in dark suit and read tie stands at a lectern

Trump Says Nation Must 'Start' Racial Profiling to End Terrorism

“It’s not the worst thing to do.”

STUDY: Criminal Profiling Software Used in Sentencing is Biased Against Black People

ProPublica conducted uncovered the bias in algorithms used to “objectively” assess someone’s possibility of committing future crimes.

Roles Reverse When Club Bouncers of Color Profile White Man in New Comedy Sketch

Kathreen Khavari, who wrote and stars in the sketch, told Colorlines that she created it out of frustration with society’s “double standard when it comes to race.”

Muslim and Sikh Men Sue American Airlines, Say They Were Kicked Off Flight for Looking Threatening

The suit claims that an agent told the men that their appearance ”did not help” the situation.

New California Law Designed To Guard Against Racial Profiling

A new California law will require police to report details (including perceived race and gender, as well as the reason for the stop) on every civilian stop.

In Lawsuit, Black and Latino Cops Say NYPD Punished Them for Saying No to Racial Profiling

NYPD officers say discriminatory arrest and ticket quotas are still in effect.

Maryland is First State to Ban Broad Class of Discriminatory Profiling in Law Enforcement

Maryland’s new policy aims to “help repair the frayed relationships between police and many in the community by making mutual respect the norm in everyday police encounters.”

Black Man Repeatedly Arrested and Jailed for 'Trespassing' at His Workplace

Earl Sampson has been stopped and questioned 258 times, searched at least 100 times, arrested 62 times, and jailed 56 times by Miami Gardens Police, all in and around his workplace.

Federal Appeals Court Blocks Stop-and-Frisk Ruling

The landmark New York City verdict is now in question.

Teenager Taken into Custody for Shopping While Black

Barneys New York and the NYPD apparently couldn’t believe that a black teen could afford to buy a $350 belt.

Watch Three Artists Reckoning with Stop-and-Frisk

In ‘American Secrets: New York City,’ artists Akil b STRANGe, MC Grizzz, and AJ Cincotta-Eichenfield produced and audiovisual response to the NYPD’s controversial policy.

Listen to a U.S. Citizen's Story of Being Detained By Immigration Enforcement

WNYC reporter Sarah Abdurrahman is detained at the border along with multiple family members, and is now filing an official complaint

Kal Penn Tweets in Support of Stop-and-Frisk

Actor Kal Penn calls stop-and-frisk ‘sound policy,’ says blacks and Latinos commit the most crimes

NYPD to Clear Stop-and-Frisk Names Database

The New York Civil Liberties Union reached an agreement with New York City yesterday to remove the names of people whose cases were dismissed after being stopped.

Federal Judge Rules Sheriff Arpaio Guilty of Racial Profiling

A federal court ruled on Friday that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies violated the civil and constitutional rights of Phoenix Latinos.

NYPD Using Facial Recognition Software on Facebook and Instagram Photos

The New York Police Department is using facial recognition technology to match photos of suspects with images in online databases like Facebook and Instagram.

Trayvon Martin, Alabama's Immigration Law Highlighted at Racial Profiling Senate Panel

Several members of Congress and civil rights leaders presented at the Senate hearing on racial profiling Tuesday to discuss how blacks, Latinos and Muslims have been unfairly targeted in their states.

NYPD Also Spying on New Jersey Muslims for the Past 7-Years

The New York Police Department has secretly been conducting surveillance on Muslims in New Jersey and they have done it with the permission of the governor’s office – granted in 2005 by former Gov. Richard Codey.