racial profiling

Justice Department Updates Racial Profiling Rules--With Big Exceptions

The Department of Homeland Security hold onto key exemptions.

Barneys Hopes Consultant Will Make Racial Profiling Problems Go Away

The settlement comes nine months after the New York State Attorney General’s office began its investigation.

Justice Department to Begin Collecting Racial Profiling Data

The Justice Department will start tabulating stop-and-frisk frequency and racial bias.

UCLA Will Investigate Black Judge's Complaint of Excessive Force

His attorney asked: “Do you think this would have happened if he was a white judge?”

Macklemore's Trayvon Martin Tribute Matters -- Here's Why

It’s inspiring to see an artist who’s mindful of his influence and willing to put his politics front and center.

Jay Z Strikes a Deal With Barneys That's All About Jay Z

The rapper’s solution to racial profiling? Himself.

Family of Slain Detroit Woman Wants Answers After Car Accident Led to Shooting

Renisha McBride, 19, was shot and killed after seeking help in a mostly white neighborhood.

The Daily Show Makes Fun of Jay Z's Loyalty to Barney's

The rapper isn’t backing down from his partnership with the luxury store despite allegations of its engaging in racial profiling.

Testimony at Senate 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing Gets Bizarre

Sen. Ted Cruz tells mothers of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis that their sons deaths were not about race.

Florida Man Tasered, Arrested for Walking While Black

It’s still dangerous to be black in Florida.

Watch: Cops Plant Crack in Black Business to Arrest Owner

Cops were willing to go above and beyond to insure one man’s arrest, including planting crack cocaine in clear view of the store’s multiple security cameras.

Hospital Reverses Decision On Anthony Stokes Heart Transplant

The Atlanta teen is now first in line to receive a potentially life-saving heart transplant.

Atlanta Teen Denied Heart Transplant Due to 'Noncompliance'

Fifteen-year-old Anthony Stokes has been given six months to live if he doesn’t receive a heart transplant.

Oprah Gets Apology for Racist Incident in Switzerland

The Swiss tourism office has apologized to Oprah, who was recently prevented from buying a pricey handbag in Zurich that was ‘too expensive’ for her.

Tim Wise on Understanding the Power of Whiteness, Terrorism and Privilege

There is a double standard: White terrorists are dealt with as lone wolves but non-white terrorists can stigmatize an entire group of people.

Yes, Racism is a Public Health Risk

Racism ain’t just about hurting people’s feelings.

U.S. Says Sorry for Holding Up 'King of Bollywood' at NY Airport

Khan’s incident might be gaining international attention because he is a celebrity, but the truth is that ordinary American citizens and immigrants here in the United States grapple with racial and religious profiling routinely at airports.

For the First Time Ever, LAPD Probe Finds Officer Guilty of Racial Profiling

A white Los Angeles Police Department officer stopped Latino drivers because of their ethnicity, an internal Los Angeles Police Department investigation has found.

Tumblr for Juan: Muslims Wear the Season's Hottest New Looks, Too

Here’s hoping haters have Tumblr accounts.

Latino Teens in Study: We're Optimistic, But Sick of Being Profiled

New report finds frustration with rampant bias among Latino teens.