Racial Discrimination

Mo'Nique. Black woman with brown hair shoulder length. wearing black.

Mo'Nique Sues Netflix For Racial and Gender Discrimination

Alleges the suit: “It perpetuated the pay gap suffered by Black women.” 

Black hair. Office scene showing three people of color. Two Black women with natural hair and a Latinx man with short dark hair and facial hair.

Campaign Seeks Federal Discrimination Protection for Black Hair

A new Color of Change petition says: “Across America, Black people are policed, humiliated and even sent home because employers and peers want to control our expression. We won bills that end hair discrimination in two states, and now we are fighting to end it across the nation.”

NYC new guidelines on hair discrimination

New York City Says Businesses Can't Discriminate Based on Hair

Not only can the city force companies to rehire employers who were let go due to this racial discrimination, but it can also levy penalties up to $250,000.

Black man holds sign that reads: "We demand living wage fares, no pool fare, protection from exploitation, union representation."

How the On-Demand Economy Enables the Cycle of Racial Labor Discrimination

We talked to the National Employment Law Project’s Nayantara Mehta about how apps like Uber exploit workers and dress up old models of discrimination in shiny new clothes.

Several people sit at and behind a table

These Lawsuits Explain Exactly Why Employees of Color Are Over Fox News

The class-action suit alleges that: “On at least two occasions, Slater actually kicked Ms. Douglas in the buttocks as she walked down the hall at Fox’s offices.”

Black Couple Sues Barneys For Racial Discrimination

“One would think that Barneys would have instituted change after being fined over $500,000 by the New York State Attorney General for this very type of discriminatory behavior.”

Black man in grey blazer and purple shirt with blue jeans against white wall and blue carpet

Judge Approves Byron Allen's $10 Billion Discrimination Lawsuit

Allen on his lawsuit against telecom giant Charter Communications: “This lawsuit was filed to provide distribution and real economic inclusion for 100 percent African American-owned media.”

SCOTUS Says Race Was Factor in Death Row Sentence

Nearly 30 years after a carefully constructed all-White jury convicted him of murder, a Black man living on death row will now get a new trial. Justice Clarence Thomas would rather that he didn’t.

Alexander McQueen's Flagship Store Faces New Racial Discrimination Suit

Black employees who work in the company’s main store in New York City allege “systematic racism” in the form of mockery, body searches on the sales floor and exclusion from meetings.

STUDY: Half of Black Millenials Know a Victim of Police Violence, Still See Cops as Protectors

Fifty-four percent of young black people surveyed say that either they or someone they know have been harassed by police or been the victim of police violence. Meanwhile, 66 percent still think police are there to protect them.

Justice Dept. Warns: Ebola Panic Doesn't Make It OK to Discriminate

“Both science and law must inform our approach,” the federal government says.

Study: Portland Drivers Show Racial Bias When Yielding to Pedestrians

Black test subjects had to wait 32 percent longer than white subjects to cross.

'American Idol' Hit With $250 Million Racial Discrimination Suit

Ten black former contestants are suing.