Race Forward

Race Forward and Center for Social Inclusion Unite to Fight for Racial Justice

The organizations say they are “stronger together than we are apart.”

Greyscale images of seven Black and Brown people against purple and blue background

#FacingRace Livestream: Where Do We Go From Here?

Linda Sarsour, Van Jones and five other leading racial justice figures discuss how to push movements forward at Facing Race’s closing plenary.

VIDEO: Part 2 of '#RaceAnd' Explores the Intersections Between Race and Tribal Sovereignty, Gender, Religion and More

“#RaceAnd,” a video series from Colorlines’ publisher, Race Forward, breaks down how race mixes with, well, everything.

Our New Video Series '#RaceAnd' Captures the Essence of Intersectionality

“#RaceAnd,” an eight-part series from Colorlines’ publisher, Race Forward, breaks down how race mixes with, well, everything.

2015 Favorites: the Breakdown

We asked tons of creators and changemakers to tell us their favorite music, TV shows and more of 2015. Here’s our breakdown of what hit with folks the most, by category. 

Clinton Changes Position, Drops I-Word From Public Remarks

The Democratic presidential candidate’s about-face on the term “illegal immigrant” comes two weeks after she used the term in a speech. 

How Well Does News Media Cover Race? [Report]

In a new report, Colorlines’ publisher, Race Forward, analyzes nearly 1,200 articles and television transcripts to see how the mainstream media deals with racism and offers solutions to flawed media coverage.

10 Racial Justice Wins For 2013

This has been a big year for the movement. Race Forward’s Rinku Sen brings us through the highlights.

Colorlines Exclusive: A Race Forward Holiday Mixtape

A Race Forward mixtape just in time for Thanksgiving

WATCH: The Race Forward Story

Our publisher has a new name, but the mission’s the same: Advancing racial justice.

The Case for Putting Race Forward

We can’t solve a problem no one’s willing to name.