Race and Recession

It's a Wrap -- Congress Lets Our Only Real Jobs Program Die

As Congress takes off for midterm elections, it seals the fate of the one real jobs program we had.

How Republicans Blamed the Jobless for Being Out of Work

And the racial boogeyman that informs the fact-challenged argument.

Fourth Time's A Charm? Obama Jabs GOP on Stalled Jobs Bill

President tells party of no to say yes on extension of unemployment benefits for millions.

Race and Recession: No Recovery for Communities of Color

Our original report examined the racial inequity that helped create the recession–and that the crisis has in turn intensified. More than a year later, little has changed.

Race and Recession: Breaking Down the Numbers

Foreclosure and unemployment continue to hit communities of color the hardest. Here are the numbers.

Race and Recession: Foreclosure Losses Still Mounting

President Obama’s foreclosure prevention program has done little to slow the pace of loss in communities of color.

Seth Wessler on WBAI: Racism Rigged the Economy [AUDIO]

Our own Seth Wessler appeared on WBAI’s Talk Back! with Hugh Hamilton last week. Seth and Hugh discussed racial disparities in the economy, as detailed in ARC’s Race and Recession report from earlier this year.

Race and Recession: Radio Interview with Seth Wessler

Our very own Seth Wessler, researcher and author of “Race and Recession: How Inequity Rigged the Economy and How to Change the Rules”, was recently a guest on ‘Voices from the edge.’

The current economic downturn has affected people of color disproportionately.