Feds to Investigate Kendrick Johnson's Death

The Georgia teen’s parents believe he was murdered, and that his case was not fully investigated because he was black.

Many Elite U.S. Colleges Have Deep Roots in Slavery

Craig S. Wilder’s new book ‘Ebony & Ivy’ looks closely at the connections between the Atlantic slave trade and universities including Harvard, Brown, and Yale.

More Evidence New York's Tech Industry is Dominated by White Men

Out of a list of the ‘Silicon Alley 100,’ a scant few are people of color or women.

'Black Actress' Web Series Premiers on Issa Rae's YouTube Channel

Produced by Andrea Lewis, the series will explore the challenges faced by today’s black actresses.

Two Police Officers Convicted of Civil Rights Violations Against Latinos in Connecticut

Two East Haven police officers have been convicted of multiple charges stemming from allegations of racial profiling and harassment against Latinos in the area.

Watch Students Discuss Ongoing Racism at the University of Alabama

Members of the historic student group Mallet continue to address institutionalized racism at the school.

Area in East New York Renamed 'African Burial Ground'

A square on New Lots Avenue in Brooklyn has been renamed to commemorate the discovery of an African slave burial site.

Black and Latino Families are Hardest Hit by Housing 'Income Segregation'

A recent study from Stanford and Cornell researchers says people are increasingly living in either extremely rich or extremely poor neighborhoods.

Watch Three Artists Reckoning with Stop-and-Frisk

In ‘American Secrets: New York City,’ artists Akil b STRANGe, MC Grizzz, and AJ Cincotta-Eichenfield produced and audiovisual response to the NYPD’s controversial policy.

New Details in Georgia Teen's Death Arouse Suspicions

Kendrick Johnson’s parents believe their son was murdered, and have called on Benjamin Crump out of suspicions that police mishandled their case because their son is black.

Four Panels on Race and Gender at NYC Comic Con

Racialicious has a handy guide for thew few panels that address these issues.

Photo Series Explores Multiracial America

The 125th anniversary issue of National Geographic magazine features striking photographs that document the shifting racial landscape of the U.S.

Little Miss Hispanic Delaware Stripped of Her Crown

Seven-year-old Jakiyah McKoy has been told there isn’t sufficient proof of her Hispanic heritage.

House Votes to Cut $40 Billion in Funding For Food Stamps

The bill approved yesterday by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives would cut $4 billion annually for 10 years and includes strict new employment standards.

Parents Complain After Child Forced to Reenact Slavery on a Field Trip

A middle school student in Connecticut was called the N-word and chased through the woods during a field trip organized by her school.

'Latino Americans' Debuts on PBS

This six-hour documentary chronicles the emergence of Latino communities in the U.S.

NYPD Commissioner Sends Memo: Indians Are Asians, Not American Indians

A recent report showed the NYPD wrongly categorized some crime victims and suspects as American Indians.

Today in Twitter Racism: 'WhyDoBlackPeople'

Today an incredibly unsmart hashtag is trending.

Kal Penn Tweets in Support of Stop-and-Frisk

Actor Kal Penn calls stop-and-frisk ‘sound policy,’ says blacks and Latinos commit the most crimes

NYPD to Clear Stop-and-Frisk Names Database

The New York Civil Liberties Union reached an agreement with New York City yesterday to remove the names of people whose cases were dismissed after being stopped.