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Words and Wisdom From Trailblazers Who Passed in 2016

The year 2016 took a range of artists, thinkers, leaders and activists of color from the world. Herewith, a tribute featuring their own words.

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If he were still alive, Malcolm X would be 91 today.

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10 Assata Shakur Quotes to Celebrate Her 68th Birthday

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Celebrate Malcolm X's Birthday With These 5 Quotes

The black revolutionary was born on May 19, 1925.

A Black woman with a short afro and a gray sweatshirt poses for the camera.

Ten Quotes to Celebrate Audre Lorde's Birthday

Lorde’s work is useful for understanding the history of black women placing critical pressure on mainstream white feminism.

Five Quotes to Celebrate Rosa Parks's Birthday

She was born 101 years ago today.

Five Quotes to Celebrate Bruce Lee's Birthday

Do you have a favorite one with which to remember the master?

Five Quotes to Celebrate Gloria Anzaldúa's Birthday

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